Hi guys! You are here on my Archive site of my old blog posts from my old blog since circles.globe.com.ph/hideki up to h-zone.co.cc

I just thought that the contents that I had written long time ago are still valuable bits of info, and somehow it can be useful to someone. And so, I decided to maintain an archive of those through this WordPress.com blog

Sorry if the links are not available as of now, and you can just see something like [download id=”1″] shortcodes at the bottom of the post which supposed to show the downloaded link of the featured file. That is because I have been using a Download Monitor plugin way back then, and since migrating here on WP.com changes everything.

Anyway, I just hope you are still a fan of mine. 😀 Like us on facebook through this link: http://facebook.com/gsmhideki

If you still doesn’t know (/facepalm), our new domain is http://askhideki.com 😀 Fresh contents and updated tips and tricks are shared over there now. 😛

The era of Symbian V2, which what has been the foundation of my blogging career is now over, I guess. We should be on the stream, and here goes Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Symbian Belle trends to follow now. 😛

Still, we will talk about free internet tricks. 😛

Okay, that’s it for this about page. 😀 Please don’t visit this WP.com site again. XD