Samsung Galaxy Y Games: Play ’em all!

Hi guys! It seems that this archive site of mine still have visitors that I don’t expect for real. 😀 These visits came from Search Engines, and users are searching for the stuffs I had uploaded and featured from the past. Especially the python apps. 😀 However, I am not doing that anymore nowadays on my new blog domain which is —in case you still do not know that it exists 😀

Okay for now, I just wanna post something for Samsung Galaxy Y users. I know that first and foremost, smartphone owners that bought Samsung Galaxy Y phone units desires to fill their Android phone with useful apps and fun games. That applies for newbie Android-users and not-so-newbie as well.

But the main problem with this, is you cannot play all games that you want with that Galaxy Young unit. Why? Because since it was sold cheaply, it has a relatively not-so-high specs so as to complement its price. Earning it the title of an entry-level cheap Android smartphone in line with the Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N.

Still, you can play HD games with the Samsung Galaxy Y. How? Just use ChainFire3D. It is some sort of hardware hack application that does the magic for you, so with your mediocre low-specs of your smartphone, and with no GPU support, you can still play games that aren’t normally playable with your device.

Pretty cool eh?

You can check this link: Samsung Galaxy Y Games for more info.