Updated Paper Theme by Vast666 and Square Theme by Viper161 (OS8.1 themes)


Two of my most favorite themes I found out just got updated. Credits to thememakers/updaters (vast, viper, and other one I forgot. Sorry.). Enjoy!

Here is an update to the paper theme by Vast.

The old paper theme:

the updated paper theme:

lot of new icons added. Some fixes.


while Here is an update to the Square theme by Viper161.

The old Square theme:

the updated Square theme:

enlarged icons, lot of fixes and updates. (judge it yourself)




19 thoughts on “Updated Paper Theme by Vast666 and Square Theme by Viper161 (OS8.1 themes)

  1. kuya hideki bakit ganon? Hehe. I noticed that some of the icons in the square are not showing up( only few of them). Like whenever i receive a message, the message or the envelope icon in the right side of the bottom screen in the standby mode is not popping out Unlike the basic themes pre-installed by nokia or the themes with default icons. How sad… But the theme is cool. Great colours.

  2. hi, better than they was , keep this on ,
    another Quest (after MIF) : how can I remove seprator (the ugly thin black line . . . Ooof , I hate it ) between icons , its removed in Mr.Manson’s (I’m missin’ his themes from now)
    thx for Sharin’ bro

  3. Oooof,I’m gonna hit the roof , My MMC got corrupted i can format it but i had a 500 Megab. scripts i was finishin’ ’em – Do U know any way to recover data (Pc app or phone . . . ) ? O_o
    I’m gonna smash this MMC , thx in advance

  4. hehe , ^_^ , even when it gets worse I’m . . . U know
    (Oooof , I’m gonna hit the roof )
    seems like an entry for a song . . .

  5. Hang in there bro but dont format. Just slipped here to say DONT FORMAT. Ill answer u as long as i got into moderating mode again but not now. BRB on next days.

  6. Hi =) I’m author this theme (Square by Viper161). Sorry, but i don’t speak English very well. I would say, that this is not a final version of the theme. There will be more correct…

  7. Ahmed > where is that separator u saying bro? Care to share the scripts? Hohoh. Please try these links: http://www.brothersoft.com/data-doctor-recovery-memory-card-64516.html
    http://m.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-recover-data-from-a-corrupt-memory-card-or-usb-drive/ i think those might help. Sorry hearing a bad news from u but still u sounds not down. Heheh.
    Viper > hi sir! Thanks for visiting my site. And thank you for the theme. We will wait for that. Best of luck sir.

  8. Thx bro (Ur Pro Bro) ^_^ , My exams started so Imma gonna check links later ,
    – – – – – – – – – – –
    Scripts : they ‘re CS3 whis to share ~_^
    – – – – – – – – – – –
    http://hotfile.mobi/ b2gtp92
    Check shots in the link above
    just compare U will Know
    – – – – – – – – – – –

  9. hotfile.mobi/view.php?id=b2gtp92

    Remove seprator from link in the last post before b2gtp92
    Or use the link above
    complicated , hehe , Sorry uploaded from Mobile

  10. Hey, rahul
    U can use Photobook
    ( LCG Product )
    X-Plore already based viewer
    – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Wait for H reply on U

  11. What do you mean by CS3 scripts?
    I see it, i dunno how it was done removed. Sorry.
    rahul. Use LCG Photobook, the best so far. Try the trial resetter/freezer i had posted.
    oo nga bro nakita ko na. Thanks. Ganda nya.

  12. Hideki, Never mind , CS Mixed flash and XMl Scripts , U know adobe products CS3,4,. . . etc
    – – – – – – – – – –
    While surfing . . . I’ve found a theme maker called ‘ But2fly ‘ I think he is the best to deal with SVG
    If U know him guide me to his site , Blog , . . . I searched , just found a D-art (deviantART) account . . .
    – – – – – – – – – –
    ^o^ , I ask alot , U ought to get bored , sorry

  13. Ah. Whatever. Scripting is too complicated for me. Yeah i know adobe products.
    Thanks for giving me the urge to look @ but2fly`s gallery. I saw some good stuffs.
    im hearing this artist lately and seeing his themes shared on our local forum. But i didnt tried one. Hahaha! Though they`re different taste but it doesnt captured my pick taste of themes.

  14. ^_^ ,hehe , It didn’t capture
    my pick taste of themes , nice Idom ,
    If I were U I Would say his themes aren’t My cup of tea ,
    Seems to be in an English lecture
    Wish U a good day it’s early morning now in Egypt

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