Working Nimbuzz Handler Settings for Globe (S60)

The problem before of downloading the language and initialization that always fails was solved now! Here is the working SETTINGS FOR NIMBUZZ HANDLER on GLOBE network. -nerd-

Using your web browser: Go to http://Web.Nimbuzz.Com then create an account. After Logging In, go to SETTINGS and Select COMMUNITIES SETTINGS. Then give nimbuzz your account details on that specific community.

*note that on Facebook, check for the pop up. Or in short, after registering your fb account, log on your fb on desktop mode. Then allow nimbuzz.

For s60v2 only!
Download the RMS with Tricks. Read the instructions inside.
*DOWNLOAD NimBuzz Handler Here

If you are not on s60v2, there is no hope but to sacrifice a 5php load or to wait for the socket fbt of globe. -lol-

Enjoy! Add me: BeyondHideki.
My feedback, so slow, busy server always, dunno if its because im on HTTP. I dont like this. -lol-

credits to: Handler, and the guy with his phone# as username in symbianize.


15 thoughts on “Working Nimbuzz Handler Settings for Globe (S60)

  1. @arjae. Update ko na lang kayo pag may trick na for you.
    @nick. Anung unit mo ba? Try mo lang baguhin yung APN at freesite, pero gamitin mo pa din yung rms basta s60v2 ka. Not sure though.
    @dark. Galing nga.Thanks sa rms nya.
    @zuko. Same pa din. Kase may features ung isat isa na wala sa isa.Heheh.
    @ALL. Add nyo ko B e y o n d H i d e k i , alisin nyo lang yung spaces. Heheh. Tapos chat chat tau.

  2. Ah… Gnun b kuya? Thanks. But it really didn’t worked sa smart. Nag smart lang kasi ako kc tntnong ko yong mga classmates ko para hindi ako anga anga sa pagpasok sa college. Pero globe talaga ako. Smart lng mga cmates ko.

  3. It’s really difficult to make it work. Even though i’m using globe. Can’t connect. It always say connection time out. Blah bla bla

  4. Nick > ganun ba. Sorry di ko din kase alam sa smart. Naku pabayaan mo yung mga classmates mo, at least madame kang alam sa globe. -nerd-
    kasmot > wala po nun. SIS lang yun weh. Kaya ung RMS dito, hindi pede sa s40.
    Nick > have you used the RMS i had posted?
    Ahmed > bro. Its not free for us to use that.Heheh.

  5. Ou, ginamet ko ung rms. Hehe. Ayaw niya talaga. Ahmft. Byaan m na un. Ehehe. Marami pa namang mas mgagandang browsers dyan. Ehe

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