My Picks – Favorite N70 Themes (OS8.1)

I just felt that I want to share you guys the themes I am using personally. You may or may not already got these and you may or may not like these, but still, here it is. Note that, order is of no rank. Enjoy!

Square by Viper161

Square by Viper161 – custom squared icons, smooth texture, exotic color scheme. Extraordinary.

Symbian OS by k1sl (update)

Symbian OS by k1sl (update) – custom blue icons, smooth, clean white with blue highlights. Simple yet elegant.

Green by PAN

Green by PAN – lucky icons, lime and gray scheme, soft texture on the eye. Clean yet zesty.

Marengo Light by Shilca

Marengo Light by Shilca – custom shilca iphone-like icons, gray scheme, clean and deluxe. Pale gray yet alive.

Beyond S60 by Hideki (S60 addict mod)

Beyond S60 by Hideki (S60 addict mod) – enlarged flahorn icons, originally S60 addict but edited by me to pimp a new look and taste. Used an inverted N-series black wall. Hope you like it as I do. Credits to Mr.M@nson.

MultiColor by TheShadow

MultiColor by TheShadow – steely black, multicolored text, custom soft colorful icons. Vibrant.

White Stripes by elgladys

White Stripes by elgladys – acidsonic icons, steely striped white, clean and elegant. A theme made by my friend elgladys, visit his blog for more of his awesome works.

White Invincible by Kiarichiki

White Invincible by Kiarichiki – clean white, dark highlights, Q icons, plain yet elegant. A theme made by my friend kiarichiki, visit his blog for more of his splendid works.

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Credits and thanks to great theme makers out there. I will post more in the future when I find a bunch of nice themes. Have fun. -bye-


11 thoughts on “My Picks – Favorite N70 Themes (OS8.1)

  1. very nice themes , but I always try to extract icons from themes (*.MIF) always failure even with apps in dotsis many tools (full of bugs ) any help,please ,o_o

  2. Nice themes. Esp the Marengo, Square and Symbian OS (the others, also good, though i’d them already). Just wanted some help from you with the usage of the theme editor. How do i change the main images of a theme, i mean the wallpaper like u changed of the S60 Addict. And also the background image? Hope to get an early reply soon.

  3. Thanks bro ahmed. ^^
    @dark. Pede yata. Kahit photoshop pede din ata. Maoopen dun ung SVG then pede na iSAVE as PNG.

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