(python) ManyTools – Pack of Python Apps in One


ManyTools is a single app with many python apps inside. -nerd-
Here is the complete list of programs that are in the package:

——Graphics tools

  • Clearity PNG maker DS – makes white or black color transparent in a PNG.
  • Mask img Generator DS – makes a mask automatically of a PNG.
  • Easy Mif Editor DS – creates an SVG out of a PNG. (Other purpose seems not to work on me)
  • Gif file editor DS – packing and unpacking GIF images. (Doesnt works for me)
  • TTPOD skin + MBM editor DS – MBM editor like ThemeEditor.
  • Mif tool DS – packing folder to MIF, unpacking MIF, extracting PNG from ICO, converting image to SVG.
  • RGB colour code finder DS – view RGB color codes. (hex)
  • Remove_PAIbTN DS – deletes all _PAIbTN folders (gallery thumbnail files) to save memory.
  • AifMBM tool DS – build and split AIF and MBM files.

——–Miscellaneous Tools

  • EXE file maker DS – creates EXE files.
  • .class file editor DS – simple CLASS file editor.
  • Note to text editor DS – extracts your notes and converts it to TXT format.
  • Blueetooth Terrorising – BT_Terror, sends file via bluetooth at multiple instances.
  • Application linker – Link_Apper, creates APP files.
  • Menu icon restorer DS – saves and restores MENU Settings.
  • Vista Shutdown – turn Offline mode, Restart, and Shutdown in a Vista look style.
  • ———-Other tools

    • Theme edit + MBM edit DS – Theme editor and MBM editor.
    • SMS to text DS – converts SMS to TXT formarts.
    • Advance mp3 tag edit DS – mp3 IDE editor, put picture on mp3.
    • Application Renamer – renames your applications.
    • Application log deleter DS – deletes application logs to save space.
    • Image Merger (fuse) DS – combines to images with set opacity.
    • Mbm tool Advanced DS – MBM tool made by Shrim.
    • Screenshoot DS – takes screenshot.
    • Simple Calculator DS – calculator.
    • Image tools DS – clean, shrink, compress, and resize JPG files.
    • Aif Wizard DS – Sets an AIF to another app.
    • Jad tool DS – (error on me. Hahah. Dunno why)
    • Py music DS – play your music files.
    • UID Generator DS – generates random UID’s instantly.
    • PyZipman DS – Zippy v0.6 by Shrim, the archiver on the Python
    • txt2speech DS – reads written text.

    DS = DOTSIS. In the menu there is only one icon through which the future we will choose the following program. If any one of these programs, you already are after you install this package will not be replaced by anything. Completely in English. (*not really.Hahah)

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    Credits to DOTSIS.


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      @rahul. After start now, you can select the program you want to use depending on your need.

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