World Of Dragons v1.0.9 HandlerUI 1.5.0 (java MMORPG)

Become the greatest warrior ever in the first Multi-platform MMORPG!

World of Dragons is a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for computer and mobile phones. Discover hundreds of creatures, fight epic battles, customize your character and live the longest adventure ever in your computer or your mobile handset.

For the mobile version only need a mobile phone and a WAP connectivity (flat rates or wi-fi phones are strongly recommended).

More Features:

See at their site:


176×208 – World Of Dragons v1.0.9 HandlerUI 1.5.0 (ZIP)
240×320 – World Of Dragons v1.0.9 HandlerUI 1.5.0 (ZIP)

PORT: 8080
on handler menu.
PROXY: (or any other freesites)

*register at the website not on the app. For more info. Check the older WoD post by me. Credits to sir Handler for this app. -nerd-


21 thoughts on “World Of Dragons v1.0.9 HandlerUI 1.5.0 (java MMORPG)

  1. It works. Pero unstable ung connection skn. Maybe twing madaling arw q n lng xa lalaruin. Haha

  2. NetQin is SIS and it can be modified to Handler UI. I think netqin’s database online isnt updated too. So its useless.

  3. There’s a new version of NetQin, and i think that is betTer than F-secure, the new version of netqin can detect viruses unlike the previous version. F secure requires bank account for virus protection, isn’t it?

  4. Ibang download napindut m0 ung nasababa ang pindu10 m0. Katabi ng save to my acct. b un. . .hehe naddc ako sa laro na 2. . .hehe lvl. Plang me

  5. Di ko kaya. Heheh. -lol-
    wala mga dude, 3 lang ang screen sizes na available, yang 2 na posted tsaka yung isa na pang SE (176×220)
    n70 ang unit ko brad.

  6. hehehe mkang d kakasya sa screen ng 128×160 sana lang meh makagawa xP sa ngayon hintay mna bago mgkaroon ng modern fone

  7. WLa n2 d na gmagana katay na xa!!tsaka ang daming screen resu n2..dun kau mg.downLoad sa search buTtoN Lng..

  8. Pwd b ito sa brunei. .pki send email sir.hrap nq kakasearch kung mapagana to.ung psa na pinas lang b yan.bk pwd help 2operat0r lang brunei 1/dst.wap 2/bmobilewap anung proxY server ang gagana oh ung ip papalitan dn kc auto lht sa seting ng Apn.tnx

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