UCweb 7.2b HandlerUI EN

Using jProxy settings:

It will work: -ayos-

Download L.ink

UCweb7.2bHandlerUI (ZIP)
*Please extract

Other Settings

Globe (Philippines)

Access Point Settings
Connection Name : CGI Proxy (or any name)
Access Point Name : internet
Proxy Server Address :
Port : 80
UC HandlerUI settings
Front Query : twitter.globe.com.ph/cgi-bin/nph-proxy.cgi/000101A/http/
leave other boxes blank. Save.
^TESTED but cant make it work on my n70. I had used jproxy and that works for me.


*im not a fan of UCweb browser. Heheh
-if yot got initialization error, press MENU- HELP- CHECK NETWORK. Then see if the connection really fails.
-Make the JAVA PERMISSION to WRITE DATA, ALWAYS ASK or ALWAYS ALLOW to be able to download.
-On 6680 and 6630 when using bolt handlerUI 1.4.3, select CUSTOM1 then go to config name and press OPTIONS, MANUAL CHECK CONFIG to be able to edit the input boxes.
-CGI Proxies dies fast so dont sue me if you cant connect anymore using that trick.
-For NOKIA S40’s, you need PROV FILES to make it work and to have Config.Settings.
-for smart subscribers, try changing the access point name into internet and changing twitter.globe.com.ph to clickhere.ph (please try)


10 thoughts on “UCweb 7.2b HandlerUI EN

  1. medyo off-topic ‘to boss pero pwede ko bang gamitin yung cgi nito para sa installation ng ebuddy?

  2. You’re right! It really didn’t worked on my N70. How sad. But can you post yahoo go handler? Hehe. If it’s okay with you. Haha

  3. Yeah. Pede din. Try lang ng try bro. Zuko.
    @april. Try using the jProxy. For this to work also on you. I doesnt know if there is a handlerUI of that. But im suggesting you other YM chat apps that are better such as shmessenger.

  4. Amf naman di pwede magsabay ang JProxy at UCWEB na java. Pag nakaopen yung JProxy 5mb nalang yung free ram sa 6630. 😦

  5. Boss hideki bka may nagha2nap ng working ip ng ucweb7.2betaHandler. Working to sa globe.Apn:http.globe.com.ph, ip: port:80.Sa handler menu front query: twitter.globe.com.ph/, conection type: No port. Pag conect ng ucweb after few second cancelled lng di nya talaga maco2mplete ang initialitiazion. Input kayo ng site sa url tapos pag comonect ok na.Gamit ko sa 6630/6680 ganda parang om4.2 din pede desktop view..

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