jProxy v0.29 – Symbian Python Proxifier


with due respect as per sir deathnote99’s permission I am sharing this here. Credits to him and most also to jay22 for this.


-nerd- Allows Os7 to make java apps connect with proxy by using no-proxy and port settings.

Quote from :

jProxy v0.29 unofficial

===Unofficial Version.=====
*Custom Proxy.
*Custom Port.
*Front Domain.
*Default Access Point.

Please read requirements
for jProxy.
This is only a test version.
Redistribution of this soft
ware is not allowed.

Python 1.45
Python Script Shell
Python modul
Miso python 1.92

50kb disk space or more(lol)
104 Mhz CPU speed
symbian os v2 FP1/FP2
8MB of RAM or more
22MB of ROM drive


Download Links

jProxy v0.29
*Requires python
Python Complete Pack for Os7 (thanks lunatic) | Miso (*required)
in case:
Python for s60v2 FP3 (N70, N72, N90) | part2

How to use it

already preset with tricks for Globe network of Philippines.

Make an Accesspoint Settings.
Name it jProxy
use Accesspoint Name: (for globe) or internet (for smart)
Proxy: blank
Port: 0

on jProxy Settings.

For globe, no need to edit anymore.
Proxy Server: (the proxy you want to use)
Port: (the port you want to use)
Front Domain: (same as front Query. Please use your network tricks. For smart, change the freesite)
Default accesspoint: jProxy

Running jProxy.
Open jproxy and select Start.

On handler apps. Use as Front Query. Select jProxy connection. And you are good to go.


1. Why I cant open jProxy? A: python isnt installed correctly or python is missing. Please check the dL links and install it.
2. Why I cant connect? A: settings might be wrong. Please be reminded that all networks differ from each other.
3. Still I cant connect? A: cgi proxy settings or trick settings might be not working anymore.
4. Im from _put different country here_ what free settings should i use? A: i dont know exactly, but if you give me ideas of the basic free working tricks in your place, i might come up helping you. Somehow i guess.
5. Only for os7? A: nope. Im using it on my n70. And this makes other apps works for me such as ucweb, twittai, etc.
6. What about s40? S60v3? A: nah. Forget about it. You dont need this.

that’s it! Again credits to jay22 and deathnote99. I will be posting apps that works with this trick and further support discussion. -bye-


26 thoughts on “jProxy v0.29 – Symbian Python Proxifier

  1. Watta. May credits nanaman. xD

    Astig yan direct url sa default browser pwede. šŸ˜€

    Nga pala bro alam mo ba pano paganahin ang UCWEB7.2.sis gamit ‘to?

  2. Sir hideki ayw po magopen ng jproxy,n70 po phne ko tpos nainstall ung python frm ur link n may module pck din at miso.Aside frm ds d rin maopen ang imge designr 1.40b pro ung ibng pythn appliction ok nmn like xget and thme edtor,hope u cn help again

  3. @lunatic may miso 1.92 npo, python frm sir hideki and module pack 1.33.5. My pythn applction are wrkng fine excpt jproxy and image designer. Ive reinstalld it but same result.

  4. @lunatic. Heheh.Parang pag galang na lang din. XD. Parang op8.65 lang naman ung uc.Sis e. Edi kada url na vvisit mo, lagyan mo ng f.Query ng jProxy.Hehe
    @schneizel. Di talaga gagana. Pang s60v2 lang po kc yan. S60v3 ka kasi diba?
    @casidey. Try mo reinstall lahat ng nasa python pack.Gumana naman saken yung pinost ko na python for n70.Uninstall mu muna lahat.
    @luna. Tnx sa paghelp magmoderate. Weird ung case ni casidey. ?_?

  5. bakit di ko mainstall un may sis and zip na application and tricks like phyton n70 un cp ko i used opera 8.65 and opera mini 5beta 2 pro ayaw prin. Pls help me

  6. sir Hideki ayaw prin xa mdownload laging download failed, nagcopy and paste ko rin and i also tried to changed sis to jar pro failed prin. d ko talaga mdownload un application n may sis and zip

  7. by the way sir Hideki globe ang gamit ko. nagtataka lang ako bakit di ko mdownload lahat ng application na may sis and zip

  8. sir Hideki i tried to change lang kc kahit di ko plitan failed prin or fetching file sa opera mini 5 sa opera 8.65 cannot find the application that will open the file. ndownlod ko using opera 8.65 opera mini 4.2, opera 5b2 at opera 5 editable. ndownload ko rin un ebuddy pro d ko xa magamit

  9. Sir hideki suko na ako.Ayw prn gumana khit na reformat ko na ang cp ko at mmc.Whaha,tnx sa mga hndlr applcation kc d2 ako ngddl

  10. Sir hideki ask ko lng,dba ang system requirement n jproxy is s60v2 na fp1 n fp2 dba ang n70 is fp3.About 20mb rom,disk space bato sa mmc or rom drive?Coz my rom drive z has 0mb

  11. @jeni. Download mu muna sa op8.65 yung naipost ko na link ng WinRAR. Then install mu yun. After nun pag magdodownload ka na ng ZIP gamit 8.65 tapos may nagprompt na Opera cannot find blablah to open blahblah. Yes mo lang then magdodownload na yun.Maoopen mo na yun kase nga dahil sa WinRAR.
    @casidey. Try mo lang reinstall mga python requirements. Pati yung miso. Gagana yan kase sa n70 ko gumagana naman. Pede po sa fp3 gamit ko nga e. Nevermind the ROM, virtual kase yun eh kaya 0 ang nakadisplay.

  12. sir Hideki di pwede idownload sa opera 8.65 XML parsing failed; mismatched tag. nagtataka lang ako nddownload ko sa opera 8.65 un may jar but not sis and zip pero sa lahat ng 3 opera mini n ndownload ko di pwde gamitin pangdownload. ano kaya prob. ng cp ko N70

  13. Ignore mo lang basta yung Opera cant find blahblah. Tapos proceed na sa pagDL. Pag ayaw pa din, nasa trick na yun at site source nung file. Un naman pong pagDL sa plunder, ganto po. Click u muna ung download gamit 4.2 then pag lumabas na ung SAVE/OPEN, copy mu ung URL. Then iDL mu na ung url na un sa Op8.65

  14. You don’t have to ask permission to share jProxy since i created jProxy free for all. And you don’t have to line out the redistribution part since it only goes for the those like to rename application and claim it their own. But thanks for giving credit. It’s all i need from everyone who like my application.

  15. -nerd- Oh. I see. Now I know. Thank you sir jay22. Thanks also for visiting my site. Hope you got something more to share to us.

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