How to Make Lyrics (*.lrc files) using TTPod Mp3 Lyric Maker V1.4 (python app by Rus929)

A simple guide on making TTPOD lrc lyrics through your symbian phone without manually typing the timings’.

1. You must have copied the lyrics. Search on the internet for lyrics. Open TTPod lyric maker and press menu then choose Notepad. Paste the lyrics you copied.

2. Press options then choose Publish. Fill up the desired info’s. Hit save on options then press back.

3. Then you will be back on the previous page. Press menu then select Save as MP3 title.

4. Locate the mp3 song file of that lyrics. Then press the Selection Key or select it. A word DONE will appear. Select exit on the right softkey.

5. You will be back on the mainscreen. This time select Lyric Maker on menu. Then browse again the mp3 song file.

6. You will be on the LyricMaker page. Press [5] to turn on the time framer (this is important!). Set runtime to [0:01.0] then on that page, hit the Selection key and choose Full. Song will start to play. Press [2] when the lyrics line starts to be said. Then [2] again for the next line and so on. It’s your timing that matters here. 🙂

7. Just keep on timing. Literally. Until you were done with the song.

8. When you are finished. Press left soft key and select Save lyrics, of course. Then you are done!

Congratulations. You just made your own lyrics that cant be found on the lyrics repo of ttpod server. -nerd- works best with your local song hits.

Download Link

For s60v1/v2 only:
TTPod Mp3 Lyric Maker V1.4 (python) by Rus929
*requires python
*credits to RUS929

Enjoy and have fun! -bye-


19 thoughts on “How to Make Lyrics (*.lrc files) using TTPod Mp3 Lyric Maker V1.4 (python app by Rus929)

  1. hi, good app
    thanks,but :
    1)What is the theme in the pics ? Please o_O
    2)I did it all but when i press lyrics maker just no thing (non responding)
    what do U think about it ?
    Thanks for everything

  2. I had python , but I meant that I did all steps but when I press lyric maker on the Menu of the app nothing happen . . . got it ?
    Thanks for sharing the theme . . . ^_^

  3. I got it now bro. I doesnt really know why that happens. Do you have a E:/Sounds Folder? Then Digital and Simple subfolders on them? -bato-
    no problem bro.

  4. Aha , That’s it
    I just setup my folders not as usual , it works now
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    thx for the theme again but Mr. Manson still the best so sad for his broken N70
    his themes always in mine (N70 Me) Wish his spoiler be his best
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

  5. Just what i had thought. -nerd-
    what do you mean by broken? All his themes are good for me but i got used to it so im not using it anymore. Yeah me too is waiting for the new one. Despite there are lots of great os8.1 themes i had seen, many might not used before. I will post it soon also.

  6. @lunatic. Yun ung pinagbasehan ng app na to e.Hahah. Sabagay, kanya kanyang prefs lang yan. XD
    @ahmed. I just read that. That is bad. 😦

  7. Ehmmm…I forget from where i get these easylyric…But,i’ll try to upload for you as soon as i can…I will try to repackaged!!

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