How To Use X-plore Skins on all X-plore Versions + X-plore 1.45 skins pack

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X-plore 1.45 is out now and I am using it. Its now cool but I guess it has a bug (or am I the only one bugged myself). Nevertheless, this post is intended to teach how to edit or adapt X-plore skins for certain versions, or simply manipulate Data.dta file.
In case (or most cases), you had a skin that you want to use in your x-plore but it’s not compatible anymore. Anyways. Here is a tut for everyone to get out of that hassle.

(if you dont have version 1.45 yet, Download it here: X-plore 1.45 for S60v2 Unregistered | X-plore v1.45 S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned)


Prepare Original Data.dta

Using xplore, go to the path where you had installed xplore and find Data.dta, open it or copy it some other place then rename to .ZIP extension. Extract all files inside somewhere.

Then Prepare the Modified Data.dta

Go to your Data.dta that you want to use and open it, extract the marked files onto where you had extracted the previous Data.dta files performing an overwrite.


Go to the path where you had extracted everything. Then pack it via selecting Move to Zip.

Pack it as Data.dta

Then you are done with it! Enjoy! Hahah. Aint it so easy?

To apply the skin:

Copy Data.dta inside the pack to this location
For S60v2 Phones: !:/System/Apps/X-Plore/Explorer
For S60v3 Phones: !:/Private/a0000bcd/Explorer
! = is the drive letter where you installed your x-plore
Overwrite the Default Data.dta file > Exit X-Plore and Open X-Plore again to see your new skin..
Note: You should backup your original Data.dta first for restoration purposes


Download X-plore 1.45 Skin Pack

Here are some of X-plore 1.45 skins from wapgalaxy. Enjoy!



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  2. Parang hindi compatible ang xplore sa N70 ko. Sabi nia, executable file damaged etc. Tapos nag stuck up ang phone ko. Tinanggal ko pa ang battery para magrestart normally. Help me pls.

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