How to Download Jar Files using Opera Mini 4.2 (or even Opmin5)

Hi guys. -hi- We all know that JAR files cant be downloaded directly on Opera Mini. In Opmin4.2 the save option disappears and were left with Open which opens the jar link in the default browser. Same with Opmin5 which automatically closes our Opmini’s. So we are doomed with tedious tasks of zipping it online or using other browsers/downloaders, that’s a waste of time! But not until now.

Some of you might not know this. Credit to litemint for the trick. -nerd-

Get the Link

When you are on the page like this, get the link of the jar file. Copy it.

Go to t9space

Here goes the magic or whatsoever. Go to and paste the url on the box and then press GO.

Then DL it!

The save option will now be present. Proceed on downloading by selecting SAVE.

How did that happened? Cool!

I dont know but the url turns to this. It might be that Opera Mini sees the file as not a jar file. And that’s awesome!

*again credits to sir litemint.


-tested on my n70, might work with other, please try and adapt.
-your Opera Mini must be capable of downloading.
-suite settings or permission to edit/write user data must not be Not Allowed.
-Direct links only. I guess.


10 thoughts on “How to Download Jar Files using Opera Mini 4.2 (or even Opmin5)

  1. hi boss. How do i get the link of the jar file? I’m using om5. And when i copy the link to the t9space site, do i have to add .jar after the link? Kasi lagi na lang pag may pinaste na kong url at i clicked go, pumupunta lang siya sa site nung url. T_T

  2. not working in K800i tol. ive tried disabling the ‘write user data’ the download will fail. when i tried to disable the ‘read user data’ the app will exit. and by accepting ‘read/write user data’ in yes, the file will get dl’ed. but the format wil become .jar&t9id so it wont readable.

  3. ^_^,
    nice but as U talk about opera mini this way will not be usefull in a site like getjar (Ihate it by the way)
    try any link @ it

    anyway,thanks for Sharing

  4. I tried and succeed bro. -nerd-
    i managed to download from getjar. Maybe what you got downloading was JAD files. Check the url of the download page. It must not be but got it? šŸ™‚

  5. ^_^
    you must be using OM4
    I’m talkin about mobile version of the site
    It depends on demand then redirect U to browser and download

  6. Getting jar links with om5f is somehow tricky. šŸ™‚ when you click the link, immediately press stop to cancel the loading after some few seconds before opmin exits. Then check the address bar. The URL there would be the link of the JAR. Hope that helps. -nerd-

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