Top 6 S60v2 fp3 White Themes (n70, n72, n90)

Hi guys. I decided to post some of my favorite themes. So here it goes. My first list is a collection of white themes I love. -puso-

Paper Theme by Vast

A white theme I found while browsing some russian file exchange site. I cant find the original whereabouts of the theme maker named Vast. So credits goes to him.

Puma Glassy by TheShadow

I had made an edit of this theme in which I had changed its walls. Check the tut here.

S60 Addict by Mr.M@nson

Cool enlarged flahorn icons. Mr.M@nson is really a great theme maker.

NSeries3 by Tomx

I love all of his themes. So clean but artistic. Yet he’s not making themes anymore, so sad.
His blog.

Retro by elgladys

from my friend el. Shilca Iconset made the theme looks elegant. I just did some brightness tweaks with this theme to fit my taste.

Retro V4 by Kimi

a theme that’s in my phone for a long time. I cant find the urge deleting this coz it just always looks great for me. Too bad Kimi stopped making v2 themes. 😦

All credits goes to the great thememakers.
Stay tuned for other color schemes of themes. Enjoy!


12 thoughts on “Top 6 S60v2 fp3 White Themes (n70, n72, n90)

  1. S60 addict by sir mr.Manson is the best white theme:)
    my reason is :
    1) premium icon by flahorn
    2) clean and full of details…:)

  2. @audie. Youre welcome po! πŸ™‚
    @ahmed. Thank you for telling me that. I will reupload it for everyone.
    @lunatic. Oo nga e. =p
    @elgladys. Yeah. His themes were always unique. See that my post is unordered/unnumbered. Heheh. ^*^

  3. @andrelou. Offtopic ka. -talsik- Wala pong handler nun kase di na kelangan, editable naman kase ang server.
    @kundiman. Ok naman po ung link.Pakitry ulet.

  4. Can i ask again something? Hehe. So here it is, i deleted one ugly theme that i downloaded from OwnSkin, then the ‘Series 60 Theme’ popped out. I applied the theme because it looks good and I like it, then I exit the ‘Themes’ application. When i came back to tools > themes, the ‘Blue Nokia Theme’ suddenly applied and the ‘Series 60 Theme’ also suddenly disappeared when i checked it out in the ‘Themes’ application. Is there any way to make the theme permanent? Hope you can find an answer to my predicament. Sana wag k rn magalit sakin kc medyo makulit ako eh. Hehe. Thanks.

  5. Ahh.The theme is corrupted nick. Walang paraan para mapermanent yun kase nadelete mo na yung files nun.Dame pa naman jan na much better themes.

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