How to Setup Accesspoint Settings on Samsung CorbyTXT

Recently, I was asked by my cousin to set up settings for Opera Mini in her Samsung CorbyTXT b3210. I decided to take note of the step by step procedures I made, so I can share it with you guys. For those who gets into trouble of where to start setting up your Samsung CorbyTXT phone for Opera Mini, this post is for you.

This would be useful to newbies, so this post might be a reference if somebody asked for it. It saves me from retyping. XD After I had did the steps, Opera Mini 5 is now working for her for free. So let’s start. -nerd-

To start up, press MenuInternetSettingsBrowser profiles then Create.
Make a config like this (we will use opera mini for globe as sample, for others just change the necessary values):
Profile name: OperaMini (or any other names)
Homepage URL (leave it blank)
Proxy .checked.
Ip address:
port: 80
linger time (sec): 3600 (doesn’t matter)
DNS .unchecked. (doesn’t matter)
Bearer: GPRS

Advanced settings
Login ID: (leave it blank)
Password: (leave it blank)


select opera mini on browser profiles then activate.
Then after that,
Go to applications, games and more, my games
highlight om5, press options, connections, select opera mini (the profile we made)

that’s it! So simple like that! -bye-


6 thoughts on “How to Setup Accesspoint Settings on Samsung CorbyTXT

  1. hello i am using corby txt too. my operamini 4.2 is already working but id like to know if the settings u have is okay for globe postpaid accts and access internet for free. currently im being charged 5 per 15 mins.

  2. -hi- I think postpaid cannot use free internet because data transfers were logged at the providers. I suggest that u get a spare prepaid tattoo sim and use what i had posted. Goodluck.

  3. plzz po need ko po ng reply help po ninyo ako na install ko n po ung OM 4.2 kaso lagi po ng failed to connect to the inter net help po ninyo plzz 😀 hope my makasagot nito 😀

  4. bakit ganun i try the step by step procedures pero failed to connect to the internet pa din ung lumalabas..???? help naman po..

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