Bolt 2.02b HandlerUI 143

A minor update with Bolt.


Intergration with Facebook, and offers
Facebook Features such as Facebook’s instant messaging service and the
ability to copy text or links and post
them to a Facebook directly from the

Another new feature for Bolt is tabbed
browsing, which lets people keep
multiple browser windows open at a time
and gives them the ability to move
between them quickly.

Other improvements include faster
widgets performance and an updated user

For more info about Bolt 2.0b, click here. [LINK]
For more info about Bolt 2.0b settings, click here. [LINK]


From One of the BOLT Admin:

Hi. This is a minor update which will speedup the connection in some devices
and also fixes the cookies/login-save
issues in some devices. BOLT Team

Download Links

*credits to sir Handler

Bolt 2.02b HandlerUI143

Bolt 2.02b liteHandlerUI143

(please EXTRACT, dont rename)


3 thoughts on “Bolt 2.02b HandlerUI 143

  1. Di mo na po need ng rms.db kapag 143 ang handlerUI version. Ganto lang gawin mo:
    Select the Operator to Custom1, then go to the Config Name, then select “Manual Check Config

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