Java Modifying Tools/Applications for s60

For s60v1/v2 only:

Do you want to modify java apps by yourself using your phone? (JAVA MODDING 101 PART 1)

Here are tools that you need if you want to modify a java application (ie, Opera Mini, etc.).

1. X-Plore (1.42) : [LINK] File Manager that is used to extract jar archives and edit’s.

2. Zntxhan (2.04) : [LINK] File Editor that is used to edit .class files and other files. There are also other files that are supported by zntxhan. (python needed)

3. Image Designer (1.40) : [LINK] Image Editor that is used to edit or create image files for icons, skins and etc of a java file. (python needed)

4. JarBoom (2.0) : [LINK] Compiler that is used to compile or pack the extracted java archive. Using this doesnt give me an authorization failed error upon installing the packed jar. (python needed)

Thats it! For a basic need, that was enough. For python based apps, you need the python installer and the module pack (1.30) to run those apps. (for s60v2 fp3 [LINK] | [LINK] you need both. )

For other s60 such as s60v3. There are also corresponding apps for your phone version of the said apps on same name.

For s40, I havent tried it yet but it was possible though I see it a little harder. And we will not settle on that. ;P

I hope you get a little idea about the apps. Up next is the detailed and step by step tutorial on how to modify java apps. Just stay tuned future modders! 🙂


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