How to Edit Themes Using Theme Editor + Theme Included

For S60v2 only.
Here is my first tut about using Theme Editor, a python based app. I was once asked to edit a theme and thought of making a topic about theme editing requests, but why not just teach others who doesnt know how to do it. So they can do it themselves. So here we go.

What you need:

Theme Editor Software, i’m using the one translated to english by our brother Rus929. (Must have python installed)
Images to be used, cropped at 176×208 pixels. (use imagedesigner or x-plore/screenshot combo.XD )
Theme base to be edited.


Open up themeEditor.

Select Option>Change theme’s>Folder and Pick a theme. Then remember the folder id. (first five digit is enough). Then press Cancel.

Select Option>Open Mbm. Browse through System/Skins and find the folder with the name you memorize before. Open it and select the mbm file inside.

Press the center OK key to load a new image on the mbm. Ok key again to save. (in this case we are going to change only the background. So 0.png and 1.png will be the only image replaced.)

Then press the right soft key (back). And then were ready to pack the mbm. Select Options>Pack MBM. And wait for the packing to finish. Packing time depends on Image Sizes. The bigger the slower.

*meanwhile let’s just click the ads in H-ZoNe while waiting for the packing to finish.XD*

whew! That was long! After packing was done. You will get a pop up that it was done and return to the main screen of the theme editor.

You can clear the cache by selecting Options>Clear cache to save disk space. (i bet you already had ideas about cache and caching. XD )

You can also edit the name of the theme you had edited by selecting Options>Change Theme’s>Name.

Also we will change the theme folder id. Change any values but dont add or subtract a digit. Make sure you just use values 0-9 and a-f. That is hex.

Thats it enjoy your new theme! Or simply the new look of your theme!

You can pack it and share it to others.. But note that some themes are not mbm based but mif based, this case, theme editing using theme editor is useless.. But most themes are mbm based so smile! 🙂
Explore and you will learn..


SexyTheme. [LINK] | (credits to mr.M@nson for the theme base used.)
pythonThemeEditor. [LINK]


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