X-Plore Vista Skin by Netbox for 1.35 and up

This was created by netbox. Credits to him.

I am using it with my xplore 1.42 and its guaranteed to work on 1.35 and up. Not on 1.22

[download id=”40″]

There are 2 styles in the package
choose one of them which you like.”

To Apply this skin:

Copy Data.dta inside the pack to this location,

For S60v2 Phones: !:\System\Apps\X-Plore\Explorer

For S60v3 Phones: !:\Private\a0000bcd\Explorer

! = is the drive letter where you installed your x-plore

Overwrite the Default Data.dta file > Exit X-Plore
and Open X-Plore again to see your new skin..

Note: You should backup your original Data.dta
first for restoration purposes, and also this
is for X-Plore v1.35..

Thank you & I hope you like it.. Enjoy..

Best regards,


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