Opera Mini 5 Final HandlerUI 1.4.2 | with RMS

Hi guys! This might be late but still I wanna share it with you.

Opera Mini 5 Final HandlerUI 1.4.2 (rename from zip to jar)   [DL1]
Opera Mini 5 Final HandlerUI 1.4.2 RMS (extract the db file)   [DL1]

the RMS was for 6630 so that they can edit the custom servers. Just make sure you put it in the right directory. eg. (E:/System/Midlets/[some UID]/ or Om5finalhandler folder).
That`s it. Enjoy!


18 thoughts on “Opera Mini 5 Final HandlerUI 1.4.2 | with RMS

  1. Sir Hideki pwde bng mgrequest ng bolt handler170 with RMS din 2lad ng om5,para mgam8 namen sa space trick.Mlaking 2long un pra sa mga 6680 en 6630 users.Sna mpagbgyan sir.Thanks!

  2. Bro pls tel me how can i create this rms.db file for ucwebhandler,and other handlers i facing editing error handler menu

  3. Sir hideki pag ginagamit ko tong om 5 final. Bakit pag tumatagal nag iiba ung language ng mga site? Imbes na english.

  4. @urnhie.Pakicheck ung new post about bolt2.0 yun na lang gamitin mo pede ba?May RMS na dun.

    Hi Shankru Buddhapriya. Bro the RMS.db is from my n70. The rms generated after launching the app on n70 makes the handler menu able to be edited at other phone units. If u want certain rms, i can give it to you bro. Thanks for the visit.

    @andre. Gawa siguro ng server or ng IP.
    @lunatic. NP bro. :d

  5. sir hideki, i want to download the opera mini 5, but it turns out that the file was not found, please, please re upload the file. thnx a lot

  6. sir hideki, yong oera mini 5 na dinownload ko, ag ininstall ko sa cell fon e na my message na corrut. hindi ko ma install. iba kasi ang format naka zip yata. thanxs again sir

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