Globe Free Call – Working as of today 03-08-10

Hi guys!

Last night I had heard about it but havent tried it instantly because I doesnt have enough prepaid credits.
Now I can say, it is working! Coz I had tested it myself.


1. Must have 9php load or above.
2. Replace 0 with 234.
3. Call. That’s it!


Globe to Globe only, if you call on TM, the operator will say that you had dialled a number incorrectly.
Not working with GSM signal?.Not sure about this, but this was true in our case.

I doesnt know if its a bug or a glitch or whatsoever. Enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Globe Free Call – Working as of today 03-08-10

  1. Arrrgghh.. Sayang, i d0nt have en0ugh l0ad na.. Anyway i’ll try it t0m0rr0w.. I h0pe it’s w0rking pa.. Hehe.. Thanks hideki! Super tambay ako d2 s site m0h ngaun.. Hehe..

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