Admin Says..

Hi guys!

I just wanna say thanks to all of you for being a loyal member of H-ZoNe! Thank you! It’s March now and were only on our 2nd month but we are performing good in SEO rankings and the rapidly increasing page views is not to be ignored. Thanks guys. It inspires me. 🙂

Changes as of Febuary 27

Removed Mobile View – As you can notice, I had removed the mobile view of the site. And never heard of a bad feedback to that? Is it really ok to you guys?
Changed Template – I had changed from dark theme to a bright theme. Which is better? Which theme do you like the most?
Added a Related Post plugin – I had just saw this on my dashboard and click-installed it. It seems good, arent it?
RSS and Twitter Links on sidebar – dont forget to subscribe on our RSS Feeds and to follow me on twitter.
added Networked Blogs widget on sidebar – if you are using facebook, consider following H-ZoNe through networked blogs. I’ll be making a H-ZoNe fan page soon on fb also.
added Feedjit widget and flag counter – so I can keep track on my visitors. It’s almost two days but it made a really good stats. 🙂

and some minor changes that need not to be noticed.XD


Have you noticed the links on my sidebar? I mean, my partner links. If you want your site to be there, consider submitting your site in our Link Directory. We do exchanging links, isn’t that great? Hehe. 🙂

Your Turn

Continue liking and sharing the posts here. Comments, requests and suggestions are always welcome. Dont forget to tell your friends about H-ZoNe!

Thanks! 🙂