Bypass Restart on Network Switching

This trick was posted before on my old blog. I am using it always and thought of sharing it here.

Got annoyed when you want to switch Network Modes but you dont want to reboot because your battery will be stripped and your phone doesn’t have the built in feature of not rebooting when switching on network modes?

Well here is the solution. (tested on my n70) You can do it even with your eyes shut closed.


: Fast fingers.

Highlight the mode you want to switch in to. Then close your eyes. *just kidding*
Quickly press “Left Menu Key” twice and then “Right Menu Key”. It’s “Left-Left-Right”.

If you do it correctly, a sudden loss of signal, and then boom! Your network mode had switched.

[!] Useful on n70, n73 and the like units that reboots on network switching.


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