Send FREE SMS – No ads, no delay | MOBIPHREAK FREE SMS

A not so original release by our MobiPhreak resident programmer, superben.
Credits to CloudSMS for the free and great service.

if we are just using CloudSMS API, why should you use our service?
– CloudSMS has issues regarding special non-alphanumeric characters and MobiPhreak just happen to fix the issue! (by completely removing these charaters)

MobiPhreak FREE SMS has144 character limit for guests and 159 for members.

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11 thoughts on “Send FREE SMS – No ads, no delay | MOBIPHREAK FREE SMS

  1. Yup.. Kaw nga po yung referrer.. Kaso ayaw tlgang gumana nung register button.. I tried it many times na eh.. S br0wser q po ang problem? What might be the solution? Tnx..

  2. -hi- Hi. I doesnt own that site. It was just my partner`s page. Try ripping it yourself. XD
    anyways.Nice site you`ve got. Cheers.

  3. Can’t register with this site. The register option appears when the browser is in mobile view. I tried, but it’s not working. My kakulitan occured again. Hehe. I’m still young p rn kc e. S0rry

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