Special Characters

[!]by request
Extract the TXT file.
Open it with Xplore by pressing numpad [8] . Dont mind the unrecognized chars.
Copy all.
Paste on messaging templates or notes. That’s it. Enjoy! 😉

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5 thoughts on “Special Characters

  1. Bro i can’t..Plz show me the path..! Acctually which drive represent the temples/notes..! Where i copy them all ? Plz show me the path as like as c>system>etc..!

  2. Hi bro,
    you copy them all in your notes or templates.
    In notes, go to Office>Notes>New Note.
    In templates, go to Messaging>My Folders>Templates

    and paste it there. That`s it.

  3. Hi.. Just want to ask about this special character.. I already c0pied it in my messaging templates, but h0w d0es it w0rk? Sama-sama po ba talaga yung mga char? Then u’l juz c0py it one by one? Is that what it intends to do? Thank u po.. By the way, ur site is really nice, actualy this is one of my fave site and im always checking in out for new posts.. More power!

  4. Hi ghem!
    Tnx sa nice c0mment! Ang saya ko pag ganyan.Heheh.
    Um.Oo.Ganun na nga. Depende na din sayo if lage mong need na gumamit ng mga SP CHARS. Bali kaya lang naman ilalagay dyan sa messaging temp e para maread xa ng ph0ne mu. Depende sa f0nt mu pa din.
    Tnx again! Heheh. 🙂

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