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Hi again everybody!
I would just like to share info’s about MMS and few pieces of Globe MMS/uMMS. Are you ready?

What is MMS?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service is a new standard in mobile messaging. Like SMS (Short Messaging Service), MMS is a way to send a message from one mobile to another. The difference is that MMS can include not just text, but also sound, images and video. It is also possible to send MMS messages from a mobile phone to an email address.

Formats that can be embedded within MMS include:
Text (formatted with fonts, colours, etc)
Images (JPEG, GIF format)
Audio (MP3, MIDI)
Video (MPEG)

Is my phone MMS compatible?

Try to create and send a new multimedia message via Messaging, if you can or cannot find out how, then the question had been answered.

About MyGlobe MMS

Here are some FAQS about myGlobe MMS:
1. Why I cant send MMS even I had enough load?
A. Make sure you had the right settings that had been configured for your mms, and make sure your mms has been activated.
2. What is the size limit of sending an MMS?
A. In Globe Network, it is 400kb.
3. What are the rates?
A. As what the CSR told me. It differs, for a photo mms: local-5php and international-15php. For a video mms: local-15php and international-40php.
4. Is there any way to exploit my carrier’s MMS?
A. Of course, there is! Size limit and filetype bypassing as well as sending and receiving MMS for free.
5. So what was it? Tell me!
A. Chill matey, Its up next. 🙂

The Unrestricted MMS

Well, it’s just simply attained by using a 3rd party app called MMS It, . If you doesn’t have it, download it Here. By using that app, you can now send MMS, without restrictions which pertains on file types and sizes.

UMMS – What is uMMS?

It is short for Unlimited MMS. It means you can send mms free of charge to all networks. In Globe Network, when your Sim just had activated mms, you can send and receive mms even without credits unless your mms has been cut.

Activating myGLOBE MMS

There had been a new protocol on globe which I had knew from the CSR. Your mms will be active as long as you have a balance of 25php or above after 15minutes of reloading your credits. And it will be deactivated again when you run low or out of prepaid load.

Well, thats it for now. Next time I’ll post a step by step procedures on how you can use MMS for browsing and downloading freely until I had polished the Umms trick to make it last on your sim without losing a cent. Hope you did enjoy this post. Press the Like or Share buttons if you did. 🙂


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