DarkS60 | Dark Symbian by mr.M@nson [n70 theme]

When I saw mr.M@nson‘s theme and realized that I couldnt get it for free, I feel down (just like the other mr.M@nson fans). All I can do is stare at the dark theme’s preview. But viewing the screenshot, it reminded me of two themes: the Nseries1 and s60 addict.

I had those both themes and I try to mix them up and I came up with my fake Dark Symbian clone which I call: “Dark S60”

at first look, it looks like it was the real thing. But when observed, it’s very ugly.Hahah!

Thanks to my friend jeymart for editing the walls of s60 addict to make it black. Also thanks to python image designer and theme editor.Haha.


[download id=”13″]

The Real Thing

Just on the day I had finished that rubbish theme, someone leaked me the real Dark Symbian theme. (thanks to TOTO).

Here is the link if you want to download it:

IMHO. Its not worth your cash. Hahaha. You know, I really hate black themes they are buggy with the black texts on apps. I just uses it when I had to be texting all night. Still thanks to mr.M@nson for a great theme and also sorry. I just want to help others and share.


30 thoughts on “DarkS60 | Dark Symbian by mr.M@nson [n70 theme]

  1. oo nga! ang daya talaga. sana magkaron ng patch para mainstall to sa mga fp2. haha. nice theme na sinamahan ng nice font. nice! hehe. kahit di ko magamit, nagagandahan akong tignan to! hehe. sana naman gumawa din si mr.m@nson ng themes para sa FP2. hehe. dami magandang themes ng FP3 eh. napahaba tuloy ang sasabihin ko. ehe.

  2. Hi guys,

    I ve read somewhere that s60v2 fp3 themes may be ported to work for fp2 below, but I dont have the idea on how it was done.

    Yeah.This theme looks good with Bauhaus TTF. 😉
    I guess mr.M@nson wont be doing that. 😦

  3. It can be done bro but it will eat so much time before you’ll get the exact same look & feel. How? I think you’ll have to master a pc based theme creator app or simply tbuilder.

  4. Hi yg,
    nasa post naman a.

    Hi lunatic,
    xa lang ang alam ko na malupet na theme maker na kakilala ko e. Wala siguro kasi n70 na din ata gamit nun at di naman tlga un nagm0m0d ng themes.

    Hi rinsoy,
    what TDF?

  5. Hi jeymart, wala e.Heheh. Di naman gumagawa ng v3 themes si mr.M@nson.
    Hi lunatic, Heheh konti pa nga lang yan e. Mahirap nga kumita sa linkbux, dpat mka 2000clicks bago maging 1$.
    Hi yg, ads lang.Madami jan.

  6. Hi amin. Thanks for asking. I didnt know that it has been deleted in plunder. Ok i will upload it in new server and update this topic. Keep on visiting.

  7. Many thanks bro.. Im using you latin bold fonts and im loving it.

    Wonderful site you have here Hideki.

    Cheers pare…

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