[1-20-10] Updates

Today’s updates are the following:

  • added Post Views counters to each posts/pages that records the number of views made by everybody.
  • added the Liking System, like on Facebook. If you like a post, feel free to Like it using the I Like It button. Likes are displayed in a heart container.
  • added a members page directory and a members profiles Profiler. See it for yourself.
  • added User Photo which shows a photo on your profile not just your avatar.
  • minor CSS changes on mobile view.
  • some widgets are placed on the desktop view.

That’s it for now! 🙂 if you want something to change or improved or if you have bright ideas or suggestion. Reach me via the Contact Page.


2 thoughts on “[1-20-10] Updates

  1. Bgo lang ako site m0,pero dati {circle} ako ,.Ngaun lagi nalang clang huli at d0wn.Kaya sumunod ako sau.Ngaun,tan0ng ko my dL Paba? Sa globe.8.65.Ang ip at server ko na dapat gmitin.Tnx pala kc d2 site m0,gumana OM KO.

  2. Hi henry,

    maraming salamat sa pagiging masugid na subscriber.Heheh
    Ganito yan bro, ang tanging pag asa mo lang para makadl gamit ang op8.65 sa globe is using mms @3k.
    Kasi di gagana yung ip 3ks.
    Ung om5b2 nlng gmtn mu,nakakadownload un.

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