How to Download JAR files using Opera Mini 5 beta 2

The problem.

You want to download a file that is a JAR and what you are using is Opera Mini 5 beta 2, which is redirecting to default browser when a jar file is clicked.

The Trick.

This is what I am doing. First set up your Om5b2 permissions in the app manager. Make sure you set the Write/Edit user data permission to Ask Everytime.

Next. When you are browsing and you found the JAR you want to download, click on it and immediately press stop. Go to the address bar and youll see that the link of the JAR is there. Copy it in your clipboard.

Then go to this address: [hidepost][/hidepost]

Navigate and click this icon:

Fill in the forms. And click the button.

And after that, youll be redirected on this page. Click download.

It will prompt you to download. And thats it!


18 thoughts on “How to Download JAR files using Opera Mini 5 beta 2

  1. boss hideki why po gnon, try ko pong magdownload ng jar gmit ang krunch pero ngging zip po cya, sunod ko nman lhat ng post nyo, why po ky, tnxs po

  2. Hi darkshadow,
    ganun na nga yung purpose ng trick. Pag zip na sya, maddownload na sya ng Om5b2. Extract na lang yun. Very useful to para samin na globe s60. Sa pagkaka alam ko smart s40 ka diba? So swak sau ung om4.2 handler144, makakadl ka gamit yun.

  3. tnx pre.. aq sa aq nagku compress.. hehe txka eto method q.. itatapat q ung cursor sa idadwnload taz press 1>open in new tab den ok taz stop agad.. den press 1 ulit den cut/copy den punta n q hehe 🙂

  4. boos hideki, hindi ko magetz s pgdownload ng jar, step by step nman po ang pag post plz.. I nid tlga mgdownlod ng jar s o.M q. Tnk ng marami

  5. hnd q tlaga mgety ito eh, pg click q s taaz, add files, eh nid upload files, anu po b ilagay dun, at s pangalawang box anu din ilagay q d2, myfiles, tnry q n peo hnd q tlga mgetz ito,

  6. Click m0 po yung krunch on web tapos lagay m0 ung url ng file na gusto m0 izip tapos yung name nya. I guess di po pede madl yung sa pd kase attachments po un. Hnd direct links. =P

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