Mig33 v420 handlerUI 121

Mig33 connects you to MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GTalk and now Facebook!

mig 33 handler

Mig33 instant messaging lets you chat how you want, by connecting you with friends on MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GTalk and Facebook.

Download Link

[!] this is handlerUI mod
[download id=”4″]


..full details on mig33.com

Settings to work with Globe

as seen on the SS. =P


APN: http.globe.com.ph
PROXY: gateway.mig33.com or
PORT: 80
FRONT QUERY: m.olx.ph/
BACK QUERY: ?=[space]
[space] means putting a space by pressing zero/0 key.

[!]credits to: johnjohn23


18 thoughts on “Mig33 v420 handlerUI 121

  1. Wah kya pla ayaw dapat pla wlang [member] dun s pr0xy hehe. Ok n. Tnx! Kala q kasali un [member] [/member

  2. Hi odessa. The trick was outdated. So here is the trick to work for you now, you follow the trick posted except:
    make the FRONT QUERY AND BACK QUERY blank.
    Put twitter.globe.com.ph in the HOST FIELD.
    Thats it!

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